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Building Envelope Investigation

Experience is the name of the game! Owner of Strategic Roofing Solutions, Mike Martin has been in the industry for over 31 years and has a team of highly skilled professionals that can help you keep all the elements out of your building. Combined with innovative solutions and the latest technology available, we can to track, identify and pinpoint water infiltration with extreme accuracy. Other huge benefits to this expertise is being able to get increased energy savings, reduced maintenance and enhanced weather resistant buildings that offer a longer life cycle which will save you money in numerous areas. You can improve the life of your building by between 25% - 100%
Some of the ways we can investigate your building is:

  • Infrared scanning/imaging to identify moisture behind walls and under surfaces
  • Water testing. We can provide chamber testing, various AAMA water intrusion testing methods, various ASTM water intrusion testing methods
  • (ELD) Low voltage vector mapping. - Electronic Leak Detection method
  • (ELD) High voltage testing. - Electronic Leak Detection method
  • Good old fashioned hands on investigation through experience and understanding of building components
  • Water Testing and Leak Investigation
  • Rope Access for high rise inspections
  • Roof and building maintenance programs
  • 24 hour Emergency leak response
  • General service and repairs
  • Roof Asset Management
  • Client Portal Access
  • Performance & Quality

  • Forensic Minded Strategies

Building Envelope Investigation

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