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If you are in need of new construction or renovation/replacement, Strategic Roofing Solutions can provide you a strategic sustainable solution for your roofing needs. Our services include evaluating and assessing your roof conditions, maintenance repairs, leak repairs, emergency leak calls and much more.

  • TPO / PVC / EPDM / Single Ply Roofing Systems
  • Modified / Built - Up Roofing Systems
  • Fluid Applied/Reflective Roof Coating Systems
  • Garden/Green Roofing Systems
  • Standing Seam/Metal Roofing Systems
  • Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing Systems
  • Tile & Slate Roofing Systems
  • Composition Shingle Roofing Systems
  • Performance & Quality

  • Installation Guarantee

Installing a solar reflective roof coating system can provide a more energy efficient building causing your property to use less A/C and heat.

We clocked this standard modified roof surface at 161 degrees. After installing a white reflective roof coating system, the roof surface temp dramatically dropped by 65 degrees.

Before Coating Installation

After Coating Installation

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