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what we do for our clients

Top Quality Roofing Service

SRS has a dedicated service manager and a service coordinator specific to service/leak repairs and maintenance. Our uniformed employees are in marked company vehicles qualified and ready to assist you with your facility exterior building needs.


Modified Bituminous Membranes
Standing Seam / Metal Roof Systems
Composition Shingles
Fluid Applied Roof Coating Systems
Garden / Green Roof Systems
Tile Roofing


Waterproofing Sealants
Expansion Joint Systems
Exterior / Aesthetic / Waterproof Coatings
Plaza Deck Systems
Parking Garage Systems
Above / Belowgrade Waterproofing
Exterior Building / Floor Surface Cleaning
Masonry Brick Restoration
Thru-Wall Flashing Restoration

Sheet Metal

Copings / Edge Metal
Copper spires
Gutters / Downspouts
Scuppers/Collector Boxes/Conductor Heads
Wall Panels/Soffit Systems
Dormers / Louvers
Roof Related Sheet Metal
Decorative components to make your project look unique.
Wall Panels / Soffit Systems
fabrication installation and repairs
SMACNA and ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Metal Profiles

Leak Repair/Maintenance

Water Testing and Leak Investigation
Roof and Building
Maintenance Programs
Emergency Leak Response Teams
Service and Repair Teams

Building Envelope Investigation

Infrared scanning/imaging to identify moisture behind walls and under surfaces
Water testing. We can provide chamber testing, various AAMA water intrusion testing methods, various ASTM water intrusion testing methods
(ELD) Low voltage vector mapping. - Electronic Leak Detection method
(ELD) High voltage testing. - Electronic Leak Detection method
Good old fashioned hands on investigation through experience and understanding of building components

Green Roofing

Green roofing solutions that match cutting edge technology with native foliage to create unique and sustainable projects. Strategic Roofing Solutions is helping developers and building owners increase their green footprint.

Customer Service is Our First priority.

Enhancing Our Clients Facilities with a Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing System

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