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Green Roof

Green roofing solutions that match cutting edge technology with native foliage to create unique and sustainable projects. Strategic Roofing Solutions is helping developers and building owners increase their green footprint.

Solar power is rapidly becoming the most popular way of providing green energy to businesses. Providing a green workspace while reducing energy bills. Solar panels are one of the most proven technologies that help you cut costs as well as transforming your business into one that is environmentally conscious.

Water conservation is another option that is growing in popularity. With rain barrels, you can catch rainwater for the use at a later date to redirect to any part of your landscape.

  • Green Roof / Vegetation Roof Systems
  • Pedestal / Paver Roof Systems
  • Solar / Photovoltaic Panel Systems
  • Rain Water Containment Systems
  • Performance & Quality

  • Installation Guarantee

Green Roofing Projects

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